Some ways conferencing can help your business.

Believe it or not there are still a large amount of companies out there that do no take advantage of free teleconferencing services. We recently came across a website free conference calling that was explaining some really great reasons why non profit and start ups should really be using these services to keep costs down. Most of the free services out there already provide the majority of the features that the big expensive paid services do. So its really a no brainier. You maybe be sitting here wondering how in the world are these companies able to offer such great services.

If you are looking to record your conferences you will have that feature available to you. We have also seen some companies offer the ability to play back some audio using a shoutcast plugin. If you have an mp3 file it can be played back in a certain call room. Most providers also offer your a control panel so you can manage all of your calls and conference rooms. The only real downside to all of this is that you get a non local or toll free phone number. But this really isn’t a big deal anymore since most phones out there have free or affordable long distance calling plans. It you are a small business though we still recommend you check this out.